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Data For Action

iStock 000011910382SmallMedical and Public Health Laboratories are essential sources of health information used to identify priority health issues, inform health policy formulation and interventionary strategies; influence epidemiological decisions and guide laboratory management decision-making and operations.

Building on activities conducted during the previous EU-funded medical laboratory strengthening Project (SMLS), implemented by the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC 2002-2007), the CMLF continues to foster a climate of evidence-based decision-making through

  • engaging in ongoing applied or implementation research in the Caribbean in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • mobilizing resources and identifying potential collaborators to explore and develop recommendations that address issues impacting medical and public health laboratory operations and
  • disseminating information to Caribbean countries in a timely manner.

CMLF aims to build on SMLS data addressing quality systems structures in national laboratories in the Caribbean, workload issues and distance education capacity (click here for Caribbean Distance Education Needs & Situational Analysis Report, click here for Distance Education Needs & Situation Analysis (2006) recommendations) within the region.Ongoing activities will include periodic quality systems evaluations in Caribbean laboratories and use of this data to monitor the progress of quality improvement and accreditation initiatives currently underway in Caribbean laboratories.




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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016