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UN Special Envoy for HIV in the Caribbean

Photo caption: From left Dr Martin Odiit, UNAIDS Country Coordinator, Guyana and Suriname, Dr Edward Greene, UN Special Envoy for HIV in the Caribbean, First Lady Mrs Sandra Granger, Mr. Dereck Springer, Director PANCAP Coordinating Unit

UN Special Envoy for HIV in the Caribbean, Dr Edward Greene, Director of PANCAP Coordinating Unit, Mr Dereck Springer and UNAIDS Country Coordinator Dr Martin Odiit met recently with First Lady of Guyana, Mrs Sandra Granger, to update on the Every Caribbean Woman and Every Caribbean Child: Fostering Health and Wellbeing and empowering women and girls in the post 2015 era.

This Initiative focuses on elimination of mother-to-child transmission, and reduction of violence against women, children, cervical cancer and teenage pregnancies all of which are major challenges in the Caribbean and are issues championed by the First Lady.

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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016