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New Directions in HIV Testing

A quick review of the HIV and AIDS global statistics for 2012 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012) will reveal that 34 million people are currently living with HIV but less than half know it and nearly 30 million have died of AIDS-related causes since the start of the epidemic in 1981. Statistics also reveal that 97% of those living with HIV reside in low and middle-income countries and about half of new infections are among young persons under 25 years of age.  Approximately 230,000 (0.7%) persons are estimated to be living with HIV in the Caribbean where the adult prevalence rate is 1% and about 13,000 persons are estimated to have become newly infected in 2011. The Caribbean continues to have the highest prevalence of HIV infection after sub-Saharan Africa.  Global statistics also indicate, however, that the number of new infections and AIDS-related morbidity and mortality have decreased due to a wide variety of prevention and treatment interventions, key among which, in the Caribbean,  has been ensuring the safety of blood supplies, introducing antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and scaling up HIV testing.

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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016