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Caribbean Health Leadership Institute (CHLI) – Cohort Five Valedictorian

bhamasAs the Deputy Laboratory Manager responsible for advancing Quality Services at the Princess Margaret Hospital Laboratory (The Public Hospitals Authority) in The Bahamas, we manage over 100 staff members, and a host of internal and external stakeholders. We are expected to be effective leaders, focused on the organization’s vision and mission. The daily activities are never what one expects. The challenges we encounter vary from day to day.

In 2011, I realized that to survive I needed to re-focus; there was a greater desire to understand me even more than before, so that I can better serve those with whom I interact.

The eleven-month learning offered by the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute (CHLI) was another phase in my process of life-long learning of the principles and practice of leadership.

The focus of the CHLI programme was to advance personal and professional development, with a view to strengthening leaders who will, in turn, influence the performance of work teams and contribute to the improvement of national and regional health systems. It was just what the doctor ordered- just what I needed. As the manager responsible for driving the laboratory into accreditation, I recognized that it is not an easy process and that change is necessary. Change is a process that at times meets with resistance.

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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016