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Dr. Stephen KingWith a deep sense of pride, we share with you as we offer our sincere congratulations to Dr. Stephen King, our beloved Chairman and colleague on his receipt of a national award at St. Lucia's 40th anniversary of Independence. I need say no more than to share with you the comments posted by persons he has helped through the youth focused NGO, RISE, that he established more than 10 years ago.

We all know Stephen as a great Pathologist and advocate for laboratories throughout the region - but he has lent his passion and skills to so many other pursuits - to the benefit of the people of St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean.

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Stephen's response to his award:

"I feel truly privileged and encouraged by the great honor bestowed upon me by my country. The Saint Lucia Cross will be with me as a reminder that during our time on earth we must do all that we can to make life better for one another. 

The Saint Lucia Cross reminds me of the lessons my mother taught through her many discussions with me as she nurtured my thinking and the example she set in the way she conducted her life. This award is more for her than me. I miss her and her unconditional love. 

I thank my RISE family and Dr Jacqueline Bird who stands by my side as she always has since 1976. 

I thank my wife Rumelia and my Children for encouraging me with their love and support. 

I also thank all the people and my friends who have congratulated me and wish me well. 

There is no doubt that we have so much to do in our land to make Saint Lucia safe for all. I pray that in this 40th year of our independence all of us can join hands across the social and political divides and pledge to work together everyday to make our nation what it can be. As Mauricia Thomas-Francis, chairperson of the national awards committee said in her wonderful speech at the ceremony said: she quoted the late Sir John Compton “I have miles to go and many promises to keep before I sleep”. A reminder to each is that we all have the responsibility to work, each of us in our own special way, to make this life better. 

The development of our nation is the collective manifestation of each and everyone’s daily effort. “Justice, Truth and Charity, our ideal forever be”

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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016