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CMLF News Issue #1

New Directions for HIV Testing?


At the International AIDS Conference held in Washington D.C. in July 2012, significant focus was placed on exciting new research that may call for a review of current Caribbean HIV/AIDS testing strategies. Research, aimed at reducing transmission rates, for example, explored the effectiveness of ‘Early Treatment’, ‘Treatment as Prevention’ and ‘Test and Treat’ strategies for the elimination of HIV in high endemic countries, promoting the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV uninfected persons with high risk behaviours, as well as testing of entire populations followed by immediate treatment of those found to be HIV infected (Granich, et al, 2009; Grinsztejn et al., 2012; Kretzschmar et al and Hontelez et al). Read More...


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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016