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Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management

Effective Laboratory Management is the key to the cost-effective delivery of a relevant, reliable and timely laboratory diagnostic service;  to effective control and/or prevention of both communicable and chronic diseases and to the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals accessing the health system.

From 2002 to 2007, under the Project “Strengthening of Medical Laboratory Services”, significant focus was placed on developing laboratory management capacity and systems, through provision of certified training for regional laboratory managers, purchasing personneland cytoscreeners and the formation of a Biomedical Professional Association of the Caribbean; the formation of a Microbiology Technical Network and Regional Advisory Committee and development of microbiology standard methods. Following a review of regional procurement policies and practices, Guidelines to improve procurement and inventory management were also published.

At the national level countries developed strategic plans and appointed National Laboratory Advisory Committees (NLAC) to oversee the quality improvement of their medical and related public health laboratory operations from a national vantage point and appointed Quality Coordinators at the laboratory level to monitor quality systems implementation.  

CMLF’s guiding philosophy is one of achieving quality through the creation of key partnerships. In pursuance of our mandate to strengthen quality systems in regional laboratories, CMLF aims to continue the development of regional laboratory management capacity through building partnerships with regional training institutions. Discussions towards developing post-graduate programmes for medical laboratory professionals are already underway and we hope to have such a programme in place by 2013/2014.

Improving laboratory inventory management infrastructure is an additional CMLF objectiveand collaborative discussions are underway with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Pharmaceutical Procurement Services (OECS/PPS) under the umbrella of the Global Fund Round 9 Project towardsstrengthening of laboratory procurement structures and systems.

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CMLF News Issue #7
27th January 2016